What exactly does development work at CODESYS look like?

The broad CODESYS product portfolio results in a wide variety of development areas:


Modern programming tools, with graphical and textual editors, and configurators based on our own .NET/C# framework


Runtime system core with different functions: Communication, IT security, and multicore support


Hardware-oriented development of drivers or data exchange mechanisms


Different communication standards for Industry 4.0 applications (MQTT, Web Client, and OPC UA) and classic bus communication (EtherCAT®, PROFINET, or KNX®)


Software for certified safety controllers, closely based on standards and requirements of relevant institutions

Development and execution of automated tests for quality assurance, partly with extensive hardware permutations


Our own native code generators (compilers) for the most popular industrial CPU platforms: Arm® Cortex®, x86, Power Architecture®


Implementation of the runtime system core on customer hardware with different operating systems, including Linux®, MS Windows, VxWorks®, QNX®


1st and 2nd level support


Control of coordinated motion (CNC, robot) directly in the programming tool, including implementation of mathematical models for kinematics and transformations


Documentation of all products and functions in the form of online help, whitepapers, and development documents

Integrated product landscape for graphical user interfaces (visualizations), consisting of editors and elements as well as the display of engineered user interfaces on different platforms, such as devices with integrated display or in any HTML5-capable web browser


The broad range makes it possible for employees to individually develop their interests and skills within the company. The management encourages changing to other development areas and teams, such as sales or product management.